ChatGPT Surpasses 100 Million Users in Two Months!

ChatGPT is Revolutionizing the Way We Work

ChatGPT, the cutting-edge language model developed by OpenAI, has achieved a significant milestone in just two months since its launch, reaching over 100 million users worldwide. Furthermore, just the first five days after its launch, ChatGPT gained one million users, a clear indication of the revolutionary potential of this tool.

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The model’s ability to quickly generate high-quality text in various languages is already being leveraged by businesses and individuals alike to streamline workflows, automate tasks, and improve productivity.

According to Anatolii Ulitovskyi, a Founder at UNmiss, “As ChatGPT continues to evolve and improve, its impact will be felt across various industries, transforming old job roles such as writers, accounts, and web developers to controllers, operators, and editors. 

As more businesses and individuals begin to explore the possibilities of ChatGPT, we can expect to see a shift towards more creative, higher-value work that requires a human touch.”

Some of the critical benefits of ChatGPT include the following:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency through the automation of routine tasks
  • Improved customer engagement and satisfaction through personalized messaging
  • Enhanced accuracy and precision in language translation and summarization
  • Creating new job roles in language processing, content creation, and automation.

As ChatGPT continues to gain popularity, it’s clear that this tool will play a significant role in the future of work. With its ability to automate tasks and generate high-quality text in a range of languages, ChatGPT is poised to revolutionize the way we work and help us adapt to a changing job market.

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3 Keys to Make a Money Plan

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Striking the balance between saving for your future without depriving yourself too much in the present can be difficult. 

Financial and banking attorney + Yale grad Scarlett Cochran, JD, who has 217,000 YouTube Subscribers, in her new book, IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY: A Proven Path to Building Wealth & Living a Rich Life You Deserve (Penguin Random House; Feb. 14, ’23) discusses 3 keys to create a money plan you actually enjoy sticking to.

3 Keys to Creating and Sticking to a Money Plan

  1. Start small to build the practice – e.g. save $50 a month to get into the habit and then build on it. Scoring those quick wins positively reinforces you to build on them. Consistency is more important than the actual dollar amount.
  1. Set meaningful savings goals – when we set savings goals that deeply matter to us (e.g. saving for college or retirement), it becomes easier to make the kinds of tradeoffs it takes to accomplish those goals because we know we’re basing decisions on the type of life we want to create for ourselves.
  1. Identify your valued spending – determine the spends that truly brings you joy in the present so you can sustain your motivation and enjoy your life. Depriving yourself too much today to fund your future can send you off the rails and lead to impulse buys that don’t make you happier and leave you with less money. By prioritizing both what matters now and later, intentionally choosing to spend on what brings you joy, you eradicate the impulse-spending that occurs when motivation is at its lowest.

Check out Scarlett’s recent interview on Good Morning America 

Scarlett Cochran started off as a single teen mom living below the poverty line and went on to become an attorney, financial expert, and entrepreneur. In her career as a lawyer, she worked on behalf of everyday Americans at government agencies, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (where she worked on fair lending and equity issues). Since launching One Big Happy Life, Cochran and her partner, Joseph, have touched the lives of millions. Good Morning America, Forbes, CNBC, Oprah and more have featured her.

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Vetster App Helps with Pets Experiencing Separation Anxiety

Pet adoption was at a record high during the pandemic, and now animal shelters are bracing for pet surrenders as many Americans can no longer afford their pets. However, if you plan on adopting a new furry loved one, how will the pet adjust as you are at work or the kids are at school? Those pets that were at the shelter experience higher levels of separation anxiety, and in turn, can cause your pet to get sick or even worse, cause destructive behavior. 

Mobile Technology that is the Future of Pet Care!

The new trend in pet technology are mobile apps such as Vetster Inc.’s app, a leading veterinary telemedicine and pet-care marketplace, that was selected as “Pet App of the Year”. Mobile apps make it easy to find a veterinarian at a time that works for the pet owner. With secure video, audio and chat options pet owners can speak to a trusted, verified veterinarian who can help to assess the pet, diagnose and even prescribe medication. One can manage payment and invoicing, provide a summary of the appointment, and keep the appointment records on file for future appointments.

How the app works:

  1. Download the app: The Vetster mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  2. Create an account: Enter a few details about yourself, like email and where you live. Enter your pet descriptions. Each pet needs their own profile and medical history to store records or set up appointments.
  3. Describe your pet: Enter your pet’s name, species, color, gender, weight, date of birth and if your pet is spay or neutered. Each pet you enter has a profile you are able to edit and add pictures of.
  4. Book an appointment: Select the pet profile, for the pet who needs an appointment, and choose the “Book a Vet” button. Choose the vet and it will let you know the cost.
  5. Start your appointment: Click on the appointment during the scheduled time. Connect with video, voice, and/or chat-enabled options during your session. The session is recorded, which may be helpful for your pets medical records. Prices start at $55 USD / $65 CAD and are established by the veterinarian.

How Companies Set Employees Up to Get Laid Off – From a Fortune 10 Consultant

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Companies down to the Fortune 10 fail to train employees how to operate efficiently as a team, the confusion has led to individuals frenetically doing everything themselves in a desperate attempt to be productive, and this in turn leads to inefficiencies and redundancies resulting in countless dollars and hours lost as well as individual burnout and company-wide layoffs.

Companies must train their workers to use the right tools (like email – one of the biggest drainers of efficiency) in the right way at the right time as a team as opposed to being individually productive, argues Fortune 10 consultant and Leverage CEO Nick Sonnenberg.

In his Wall Street Journal Best SellerCOME UP FOR AIR: How Teams Can Leverage Systems & Tools to Stop Drowning in Work (HarperCollins; Feb 7, 2023) Sonnenberg demonstrates how to free up an entire day per week for everyone on your team by:

  • Quickly identifying where you are out of alignment, plus how to experience greater team productivity and fulfillment at work
  • Formulaically calculating the complexity of your team and how much value you’re getting from your current tool stack
  • Automating internal communication
  • Achieving Inbox Zero
  • Eliminating inefficient meetings for good
  • Reducing stress by creating a more stable work environment
  • Eliminate the 58% of employee time per day spent on “work about work” instead of being productive
  • Improving company culture by empowering your team to to spend their time on work that matters
  • Saving an average of 2 hours per week just by optimizing email using the R.A.D. system
  • Reducing time spent on the “scavenger hunt” of trying to find where something is stored
  • Increasing employee happiness, satisfaction, trust, and retention by making work easier

Nick Sonnenberg is an entrepreneur, Inc. columnist, guest lecturer at Columbia University, and the author of Come Up for Air: How Teams Can Leverage Systems and Tools to Stop Drowning in Work. He is the Founder and CEO of Leverage, a leading operational efficiency consultancy that helps companies implement his CPR® Business Efficiency Framework. This is the culmination of Nick’s unique perspective on the value of time, efficiency, and automation which stems in part from the eight years he spent working as a high-frequency trader on Wall Street. The CPR (Communication, Planning, and Resources) Framework consistently results in greater output, less stress, happier employees, and the potential to gain an extra full day per week in productivity per person—just by using the right tools in the right way, at the right time. Nick and his team have worked with organizations of all sizes and across all industries, from high-growth startups to the Fortune 10.

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