Vetster App Helps with Pets Experiencing Separation Anxiety

Pet adoption was at a record high during the pandemic, and now animal shelters are bracing for pet surrenders as many Americans can no longer afford their pets. However, if you plan on adopting a new furry loved one, how will the pet adjust as you are at work or the kids are at school? Those pets that were at the shelter experience higher levels of separation anxiety, and in turn, can cause your pet to get sick or even worse, cause destructive behavior. 

Mobile Technology that is the Future of Pet Care!

The new trend in pet technology are mobile apps such as Vetster Inc.’s app, a leading veterinary telemedicine and pet-care marketplace, that was selected as “Pet App of the Year”. Mobile apps make it easy to find a veterinarian at a time that works for the pet owner. With secure video, audio and chat options pet owners can speak to a trusted, verified veterinarian who can help to assess the pet, diagnose and even prescribe medication. One can manage payment and invoicing, provide a summary of the appointment, and keep the appointment records on file for future appointments.

How the app works:

  1. Download the app: The Vetster mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  2. Create an account: Enter a few details about yourself, like email and where you live. Enter your pet descriptions. Each pet needs their own profile and medical history to store records or set up appointments.
  3. Describe your pet: Enter your pet’s name, species, color, gender, weight, date of birth and if your pet is spay or neutered. Each pet you enter has a profile you are able to edit and add pictures of.
  4. Book an appointment: Select the pet profile, for the pet who needs an appointment, and choose the “Book a Vet” button. Choose the vet and it will let you know the cost.
  5. Start your appointment: Click on the appointment during the scheduled time. Connect with video, voice, and/or chat-enabled options during your session. The session is recorded, which may be helpful for your pets medical records. Prices start at $55 USD / $65 CAD and are established by the veterinarian.